Maison Christian Dior - Sonia Sieff

A fashion photographer and spokesmodel sought out by major luxury and cosmetics houses, Sonia Sieff is the perfect embodiment of the oft-evoked Parisian style. The daughter of photographer JeanLoup Sieff, this eclectic traveler published her first book, "Les Françaises" in 2017 with Rizzoli. In it, 155 photographs of female nudes present a manifesto for beauty and freedom.
She starts by evoking scents linked to the men she loves: the leather of her father's car, her son's clothes, a tee-shirt, etc. Perfume is second nature for this sensual woman of images with the style of a film star. She detects an unusual smell in the flash of her camera and likes the warm scent of nights where anything goes.
Sonia Sieff chose "Ambre Nuit" perfume