Maison Christian Dior - Marie Agnès Gillot

Dancer, choreographer, and Étoile at the Opéra de Paris, Marie-Agnès Gillot is the first dancer to have been made an Étoile after a performance in a contemporary ballet, "Signes," by Carolyn Carlson. Standout performances from this very great artist include Maurice Béjart's "Bolero," and Pina Bausch's "Orpheus and Eurydice." Passionate about fashion, she is close to the major luxury houses such as Dior with whom she works regularly.
Intense and poetic, the great Marie-Agnès Gillot opens the doors to the Opéra de Paris. We go behind the scenes, plunged into the mystery of this temple of dance, where she recalls the scents of her life with equal parts humour and sincerity. Waxed wooden floors and rolled up fabrics rub shoulders with the smell of her son's afternoon tea and the scents of nature. Each scent is a smile, and every memory illustrates the unique world of this immense artist.

Marie-Agnès Gillot chose "Diorrissima" perfume