Guess That Gift: Episode 1

Introducing our new series, Guess That Gift. In today’s video, we put three couples’ registry knowledge to the test, where we show them specific items and each couple has to guess which celebrity couple registered for that item. In this episode, we are checking out the registries of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas and Christina Hendricks and Geoffrey Arend. With these celebrity couples’ registries, nothing is off limits when it comes to gifts. Keep on watching to learn all about the normal all the way to the extra glam items that are on these celebrities’ registries, as well as which contestant has the most knowledge when it comes to celebrities and their registries.


Couple 1:
Erik Velasquez - @casualfridaze51
Samuel Anthony - @samuelanthony

Couple 2:
Heather Pearson - @heathermyriahpearson
Kelsey Stacy - @kelseymstacy

Couple 3:
Allie Conway - @allieandsam
Sam Kwiatkowski - @allieandsam


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