9 Reasons Allison Raskin Loves Being a Woman on the Internet | Fired Up | ELLE

Writer and comedian Allison Raskin has over one million followers across YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. And, as expected, her Internet devotees have lots to say about her being a women on the world wide web. In this ELLE.com, Fired Up exclusive, she muses on why the Internet is the best — and why she'll never need a pregnancy test because her fans will tell her when she's expecting. Fun.

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Something’s snapped. After the 2016 presidential election, women nationwide wanted to make a scene. We flooded streets in protest. We filled out ballots. Whispers gave way to battle cries. We didn’t do it for “attention.” We did it for progress. In “Fired Up,” ELLE.com explores women’s rage—and what comes next.

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